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Patty Fasbender

Patty believes that someday she will find that tropical island with her name on it….but until then she spends her time teaching college and working part-time in EMS.

For 25 years she ran a faith-based adventure ministry to Jr. & Sr. high students throughout the United States, lived out of a backpack in the summertime; showing students how to cave, climb, white-water raft and any other activity that most parents won’t let their kids do outside anymore. This led her in the back door of EMS, starting out in Wilderness Medicine, getting an EMT license, then an Advanced and just now completing her Paramedic training.

Her formal education and training are in Brain-Based Learning Methodology and Experiential Education with a smattering of Curriculum Design and Development.
Patty has 1 hubby, 4 kids, 3 with spouses, 1 amazing grand-daughter and a rotten, good for nothing cat that won’t go away. She loves to spend her time at the beach, in the woods or better yet, in a cave.

If you want more information on today’s talk, Brain-Based Learning, Neuro-Education or Experiential Education, you can contact Patty at fasbenp@ferris.edu